My name is Kaloyan but my friends and fans called me Stanx, which actually became my nickname. I was born in 1992 in Burgas, Bulgaria. I studied in the maths high school in Burgas and then I got bachelor's degree in Journalism at Burgas Free Univercity and master's degree in Producing at Sofia Univercity. Actually the only think I have never studied is music. Which is odd due to what I'm doing. My interests in music started in high school when I started "producing" and mixing. Right before I graduated I started playing at clubs and started spending more time in the studio. I started with EDM and Dubstep which was pretty mainstream back then. I made the first dubstep parties in Burgas in "Bizarre Music Club" and "Silver Club" and I got plenty of attention. In the summer of 2012 I started working as a resident DJ at club "Captain Jack's" in Nessebar. Later I got booked for few festivals in Burgas and since then I'm playin at "Turn the city on" fest every year.In 2013, after a successful season in Nessebar, I started working as a resident DJ at bar "Karma" in Burgas. 2014 was pretty successful for me. Right in the beginning of the year I released my first single "Try Again" with Gi.U. which stayed in the Beatport Top 100 for few weeks along with its remixes by Alessandro, Pilot BG and FuzzyBrain and it's still in the top 10 chart of Innertek Recordings. I released few more tracks and remixes till the end of the year. In this time while working at my residence in Nessebar I got a chance for few great gigs at one of the biggest party centers in Sunny Beach "Grand de Luxe" where I got a lot of experience only for a few days. 2015 kickstarted with gigs at "Playground" Burgas, "Mochito Vogue", "No.1" and "Multipalace" in Sliven along with my residence at "Karma". In the summer I was a resident DJ at "Captain Jack's" in Nessebar for the 4th year. After finishing the season I moved to Sofia and now I'm playing at few different clubs and bars there. Please contact me for more info!

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